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Workshop your songs with Tom West; an international touring, multi million streamed artist.

Hey folks! Tom West here, I'm a songwriter and performer originally from Adelaide, South Australia currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

I like to have fun with songwriting and I believe that every person has a unique and worthy story to tell, I can help you find it, develop it and build the confidence to share it.

My sessions are all conducted online via video call limited to ten people at any one time so I can devote the maximum energy to helping you develop your material and confidence as an artist. 


$40 USD / $50 AUD per session, once weekly. 


$300 USD / $400 AUD for 10 sessions, once weekly.

For bookings / enquiries / waitlist contact:

Ideally, we will be working together over a period of weeks or months rather than once off session. My goal is to stimulate and encourage new thought processes and ideas for you to implement in your songs.


I love songwriting and the art of storytelling through music. However, what I love more is helping folks realise their own story and songs, whether that's through co-writing, workshops or lessons. In this case, my lessons will be focussed on you, your story and giving you the tool and processes to realise your songwriting vision yourself.


I'll be offering friendly and fun encouragement along the way as you develop your own material over a period of time. These lessons will not be co-writing sessions and you will maintain all of your own copyrights. These lessons will work best of you have a basic competency playing guitar or keys, but am very happy to work with anyone at any skill level on any instrument.

I have toured internationally, my work has been streamed millions of times, been synced to television and even appeared in a drone light show! In the years before I began working full time in the music industry, I've worked as a legal advocate for folks with workplace injuries, in a wine store, fish warehouse, bars and supermarkets.


In 2017 my father passed away from ALS/MND which was a source of great difficulty and sadness for myself and my family. During this time I found myself diving deeper into writing and composing music than ever before and I leant a lot during this time. I believe in the healing and transformative power of songwriting. Sharing songs about my experience and having folks come up to me after performances to tell me a little about their own story, for me, is the pinnacle of what it means to be a songwriter.

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